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After four years running one of the world’s most successful live trade rooms, we have developed a Passive Solution – our trade copier virtually mirror our corporate Master Trader Account.

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5 Amazing Features
Easy To Use
Our trade copier allows you to virtually mirror the trades of our Master Trading Account. Clients et up their account parameters, and then sit back and let the replication software and our highly skilled Master Traders do what they do best.
Passive Trading
This is a great passive option to trade the global currency markets. Advanced trade and risk management techniques utilized. Accounts can be funded with both Cash or Qualified Funds.
Master Traders
Our trade copier is not a robot, a black box, or a  machine algorithm. Our trades are created and placed by our Master Traders. We are human based, and software assisted.
Historical Performance
We will share our daily performance with you.  We provide a third party online automated  analytical tool for our trading.
Risk Setting
Yes, you are able to either mirror our Master Trading Account, or select more or less risk based upon your overall strategy.
As a financial research company, we have been following this company
for over 12 months and highly recommend them as one of our best
Passive Income programs for two reasons:
(1) Easy 100% hands-off global trading – True Passive Income
     (2) Ultra-conservative trading that still averages 4% + per month.
We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in
the industry. Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of
the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.     
Jeffrey Hull -
Global Trading Platform
Our Trade Copier service is a cutting edge, global currency wealth platform. Now available after four years running one of the world's most successful live trade rooms.
Consistent Increasing Profit
We are profitable because we are ultra-conservative and we strive for consistent returns (4% per month). We always use stops in our trades. In fact, the first thing we do is create a stop. Using exceptionally tight stops, our goal is to keep account draw down to an absolute minimum.